Professor Yoko Yamakoshi および Professor Jeffrey W. Bode (ETH Zürich) 講演会のお知らせ (6/19)

6月19日(木)13時15分より,南7号館7階セミナー室において,Professor Yoko YamakoshiおよびProfessor Jeffrey W. Bode (ETH Zürich)の講演会を開催します。


Professor Yoko Yamakoshi (ETH Zürich)

Title: New molecular probes for efficient MR Imaging of atherosclerosis
Summary: Aiming to have better MR images with efficient visualization of atherosclerosis, new types of MRI contrast agents were developed.  A nanoparticle-type MRI-CA for the selective detection of the atherosclerosis was prepared by funcionalization of natural LDL with a GdDO3A derivative and tested using model mouse.  Alternatively, for the development of Gd@fullerene-based MRI-CA, with higher enhancement compared to Gd chelates, water-soluble fullerene derivatives will be discussed.


Professor Jeffrey W. Bode (ETH Zürich)

Title: Synthesis of Saturated N-Heterocycles with SnAP and SLAP Reagents
Summary: Our group has developed new methods for the one-step transformation of aldehydes and ketones into saturated N-heterocycles, including morpholines, piperazines, oxazepanes, diazepanes, and thiomorpholines. These structures are among the most important scaffolds for the development of new pharmaceuticals and are difficult to access by existing synthetic methods. Our key contribution is the development of stannyl (Sn) amine reagent (SnAP) reagents, which are now widely available and can be applied to formation of many heterocycles under simple, consistent reaction conditions. For larger scale and more environmentally friendly preparations, we have recently identified conditions using silicon based SLAP-reagents in combination with photoredox catalysis. The unusual combination of Lewis acids and photoredox catalysis is critical for the success of these reactions. The mechanism of these reactions and future developments will be discussed.